new life motto
me and my dog chillen


this could be us but you playin


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Anonymous: Hey im jealous because my friend hooked up with a hot person and i havent what should i do


look at this fish that looks like a dog

indiepurr: Love your stuff! Your feed always inspires me. One day I hope to feel comfortable with film cameras but until then, I'll chill and lurk your page :P


YOOO that means a lot! It can be scary/uncomfortable not knowing what you took at first, but once you get used to it, it’s actually pretty liberating and really fun! Also, I use a pretty dinky rangefinder that does like 90% of the technical work for me and I’d definitely recommend going that route if you’re trying to get into it and don’t have a lot of experience with using any kind of SLR (i don’t use an film SLR because I have a DSLR, but I hate lugging that thing around to shows/almost everywhere nowadays). Feel free to message me with any questions about this in the future!



Possible contender for headline of the year